Hisense - 65 Inch Class 4K ULED TV (65U8G)

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- Sharper, smoother pictures
- Over one billion colors
- Darker darks, brighter brights
- Ultra Motion and 120Hz Native Refresh Rate
- Dolby Vision – Dolby Atmos
- Game Mode Pro
- Hands Free Voice Control
  • Sharper,smoother pictures 4K greatness, but better. The U8G has our exclusive ULED technologies. They boost color, contrast, brightness, motion… we could go on. It’s the TV your old TV wants to be.

  • Over one billion colors Quantum Dot produces over one billion colors, purer, richer, more brilliant and accurate colors than a regular LCD TV. We could get into how it works.

  • Darker darks, brighter brights Let’s start with the science. Screen brightness is measured in nits. One nit is as bright as one candle. So the higher the nit rating, the brighter the screen.

  • Ultra Motion and 120Hz Native Refresh Rate Ultra Motion removes the digital ‘noise’ that can affect moving objects. So, everything you see is exceptionally clear.

  • Dolby Vision – Dolby Atmos Dolby Vision HDR picture and Dolby Atmos sound are cinema technology for your home. They provide amazing realism you can see and hear in every scene.

  • Game Mode Pro All the most advanced gaming tech, all in this TV, including high speed HDMI inputs and software that recognize gaming sequences to automatically adjust settings for smooth, uninterrupted play.

  • Hands Free Voice Control With built-in microphones, you can change the channel, find the latest movie, stream your favorite video and more with your voice.

  • DIMENSIONS (W x H x D)

    Product Dimensions: 57.1" x 33.1" x 4.1"

    Product Weight: 53.4 lb.

    Shipping Dimensions: 57.1" x 35.6" x 13.6"

    Shipping Weight: 56.0 lb.



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