KEF KHT9000 Black ACE 3 Way Gloss 9000 Series Speaker

KEF KHT9000 Series Speaker
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Manufacturer :  KEF
Item Model Number :  KHT9000
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Product Detail
KHT 9000 ACE combines KEF's latest performance enhancing innovation with an uncompromised technical specification to create true audiophile-quality 3D sound picture: incredibly spacious, intricately detailed, and totally engrossing.
Features :
Take Command Of Your Home Theater System

As the flagship system of the KHT family, the 9000 Series KHT 9000 ACE series is the best-equipped, most prestigious KEF speaker system. Combining the latest performance-enhancing innovation with an uncompromised technical specification, KEF has created a true audiophile-quality 3-D sound picture. Let the KHT 9000 ACE blow you right out of the water.

Create A Museum Of Modern Technology In Your Living Room

KEF produced the KHT 9000 ACE series with infinite setup possibilities in mind: arrange the speakers around your room on the sleek, museum-quality speaker stands, or use the provided wall mounts to arrange them around your high-definition, flat-panel television. Any way you stack them, the KHT 9000 ACE speakers will illuminate your room with the captivating charm of a Mona-Lisa smile.

Get The Right Connection Automatically

Depending on the mounting system chosen, stand or wall bracket, the speaker driver terminal connections automatically select either the free space or wall mount response setting. The wall filter has a unique form which corrects for both the fundamental wall reflection below 200Hz and the second mode at 700Hz allowing unprecedented tonal accuracy for a wall mounted speaker.

Acoustic Compliance Enhancement (ACE) Explained. . .

The holy grail of loudspeaker design has always been to generate big bass from small boxes. The trouble is, the laws of physics make this almost impossible to achieve, as bass extension relates directly to efficiency and cabinet size. Continuing a 40-year tradition of genuine design innovation, KEF engineers have now developed a way of overcoming this apparently insoluble limitation. It's called Acoustic Compliance Enhancement (ACE), and it works like this: in conventional speakers, cone motion is restricted by the acoustic pressure in the enclosure as the air is alternately compressed and expanded by the cone moving in and out. The smaller the enclosure, the greater the pressure that acts on the cone. By dramatically reducing this pressure, ACE allows the cone to move as freely as it would in a much larger cabinet, generating bass extension out of all proportion to its actual size. This is achieved by introducing granules of activated carbon into the enclosurea material containing millions of pores ranging in size from visible fissures to holes a few molecules across. By introducing activated carbon into the enclosure of a loudspeaker, the effective compliance of that enclosure can be enhanced at low frequencies by between 150% and 300% in a practical design. With ACE, the drive unit behaves as if it were in an enclosure up to three times the size of the actual enclosure. In layman's terms, what you get out of all this is enhanced mid-range definition and extended bass response.

Uni-Q Array Explained. . .

KEF's KHT series incorporates the Uni-Q technology, something originally designed for one of the world's finest speaker models, KEF's legendary Reference Series. With each generation of speakers, KEF expands on and improves their Uni-Q offerings. The Uni-Q concept is based on using aerospace materials to make the tweeter small enough to place at the acoustic center of the bass/midrange cone. With both drive units on exactly the same axis and sharing the same waveguide, they behave as a single point source that projects a more natural sound image over a much larger area than the usual tiny sweet spot.

Specifications :
  • Power Rating: 150 Watts
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm (Min. 3.2?)
  • High And Mid Frequency: Aluminum Baffle 6.5" Uni-Q Array With .75" HF Driver At Acoustic Center
  • Low Frequency: 2 x 6.5"
  • Frequency Response: 75Hz-27kHz
  • Cabinet Design: Three-Way Closed Box
  • Magnetic Shielding: Yes
  • Mounting Options: Stand Or Wall In Either Satellite Or Center Configuration
  • Sensitivity: 88 dB For 2.83V@1m
  • 21.8 Lbs.
  • 21.8"H x 9.8"W x 4.9"D (Satellite Configuration); 9.8"H x 21.8"W x 4.9"D (Center Configuration)

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